Our mission is to find the best talents to scale your impact.

We are striving for
a world where sustainable, inclusive organisations focused on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are the new norm. A world where these goals inform everyone's daily choices. A world where cooperation prevails, and where all parties benefit from each other.

We are MutualBenefits


Yann Mauchamp
Founder and Sparring Partner
Yann is an Internet pioneer (he was co-founder of Club-Internet, one of the first Internet Access Providers in France) and has been a sparring partner of more than 100 Tech & Digital Entrepreneurs, working with them on 350 different projects since 2007.

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Cédric Roux
Sparring Partner
Cédric is a seasoned Product Leader in scale-ups in the Internet industry (Head of Product at Voodoo and Criteo) with a strong scientific DNA (PhD in quantum physics at Ecole Normale Supérieure), now focusing on Sustainable Development Goals.

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